Mar. 15, 2019

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Visiting the State Museum for Charter Day
I visited the State Museum to view the 1681 Penn Charter and documents associated with the 19th amendment and women’s suffrage. Pennsylvania has a rich history of liberty and I encourage you to visit our State Museum!


Matching Good-Paying Jobs with the Right Training
The House Republican Caucus is focusing on good jobs and careers for all Pennsylvanians, working to improve our workforce development and career and technical education opportunities, advancing policies to better prepare people to meet the demand in the workforce and ensure family sustaining careers.

This week, a package of policies to better prepare people to meet the demand in the workforce and ensure family sustaining careers.

This package includes bills that would boost awareness of workforce needs and increase the flexibility for secondary CTE programs. Bills would also create a comprehensive online CTE resource center and coordinate a state-level career exploration and workforce development opportunities.

Improving the way CTE works in Pennsylvania also would include putting at least one K-12 career and technical center administrator on each Workforce Development Board and creating a database with information on where courses, programs, certificates, and diplomas transfer among public schools and institutions of higher education.

Learn more about #GoodJobs4PA.

Health Committee Hearing Focuses on Employment Issues in Health Care

This week, the House Health Committee heard testimony about difficulty in attracting doctors and other health care employees to Pennsylvania.

Experts from across the state who testified said burdensome government regulations have contributed to “burnout” and pushed younger doctors and nurses to move out of Pennsylvania. They also discussed issues with finding qualified candidates to fill important roles, including nurses and technicians.

As the session continues, the House will look at ways we can remove these barriers and help improve training for these important positions.

Congratulations to New Eagle Scout Charles Baker
This week I attended a special ceremony for local Boy Scout Charles Baker. I was thrilled to attend Charles’s court of honor ceremony and present him with an official citation from the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for attaining the rank of Eagle Scout, which is the highest achievement that can be reached by a Boy Scout.


Funding Available to Help Volunteer Fire Companies Combat Wildfires
Funding is now available to help our rural communities better guard against the threat of fires in forested, undeveloped and unprotected areas.

The grants, funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, are available to local firefighting forces in rural areas or communities with fewer than 10,000 residents. Priority will be placed on projects that include the purchase of wildfire suppression equipment and protective clothing.

Grants also may be used for purchasing mobile or portable radios, installing dry hydrants, wildfire prevention and mitigation work, training wildfire fighters, or converting and maintaining federal excess vehicles. These vehicles are presented to the local departments exhibiting the greatest needs and those that commit to outfitting them for fire suppression.

The grant program is administered by the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) and applications are due to the agency no later than 4 p.m. Thursday, May 2. Applicants must apply online and may do so by clicking here.

Reading to Sunbury Christian Academy
Last week, I had the pleasure of reading to and spending time with the elementary students of Sunbury Christian Academy! March is #NationalReadingMonth.


Awards Presented at Youth Conference at Susquehanna University
The Union Snyder Transition hosted a youth conference at Susquehanna University. Pictured here are the nominees and winners of the Cynthia Schloss Transition Award, which is presented to high school students who have overcome barriers and obstacles to develop skills related to their transition goals and prepare to transition into the adult world.

Pictured from left are state Rep. Fred Keller, Sienna Maurer (Midd-West), Cassie Reibsome (Danville), Morgan Reynolds (Warrior Run), Ford Yocum (Shikellamy), Rebecca Kinney (daughter of Cynthia Schloss), my staffer Jeff Cole, and Elizabeth Shosh (Shikellamy). Two other nominees not pictured are Nicholas Borner (Selinsgrove) and Gregory Fleck (Milton).

Report Potholes to PennDOT

To help combat potholes and prevent them from becoming a danger to vehicles and drivers on the road, you can report potholes to PennDOT.

You can report potholes by calling 1-800-FIX-ROAD or by clicking here to file a report online.

Celebrating Ireland at the State Capitol
On Tuesday, I met with the Honorable Pearse Doherty, a member of the Irish Parliament since 2011. In Parliament, he serves as his political party Sinn Fein’s chief deputy and main spokesman on fiscal policy. Mr. Doherty toured Pennsylvania to meet with Irish companies investing in this state and briefing Irish American groups about the impact on Ireland of the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union.


With St. Patrick's day approaching, the Capitol welcomed Irish dancers where they performed several dance routines. These young boys and girls are extremely talented and I wish them all the best!


Pictured below is Rep. Rosemary Brown, Rep. Tim Hennessey, myself and the Irish dancers.

Stay Safe During Saint Patrick’s Day Weekend!
Preliminary PennDOT data shows there were 33 alcohol-related crashes in Pennsylvania during the Saint Patrick’s Day holiday last year, resulting in one fatality. With the potential for unpredictable winter weather, speeding, distractions and carelessness, roads are even more dangerous when the driver is impaired.

Motorists are also reminded that drowsy-driving can be just as dangerous as impaired-driving. Being awake for 18 hours impairs your driving about as much as a blood alcohol level of .05 percent. Being awake for 24 consecutive hours impairs your driving as much as having a blood alcohol level of .10 percent.

Please plan ahead before celebrating. Arrange for a sober driver or take public transportation to get home safely. Designated drivers should refrain from drinking any alcohol as impairment begins with the first drink.

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You can stay up to date on my latest news and activities by visiting my House website,, or my official Facebook page. You can watch my House floor speeches and press interviews at my YouTube channel HERE.
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