Jun. 21, 2019

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Keystone Boys and Girls State Visit the Capitol
This week, members of the Pennsylvania American Legion Keystone Boys State and Keystone Girls State visited the Capitol.

These programs are week-long summer experiences where participants spend the week intensively working together to self-govern the state of "Keystone," while modeling current local, county and state governments. They have the opportunity to campaign and run for office, draft and present legislation in their model House of Representatives and Senate, and be actively involved in the Judiciary System.

They learn to work together to develop solutions to the challenging political, social and economic problems facing our state.

I am immensely proud of the determination I see in these young men and women, and it makes me hopeful for the future of our great Commonwealth!
With Xan Lawrence, a student at Shikellamy High School.

With Autumn Bond, a student at Shikellamy High School, and Delaney Keefer, a student at Northern York High School.

Combatting Those Annoying Robocalls
On June 6, the Federal Communications Commission approved new rules that could make it easier for AT&T, Verizon and other telecom giants to block suspected spam calls on behalf of their subscribers in order to combat the growing robocall problem.

Under the order, these telecom companies now have the ability to enroll consumers in their call-blocking services by default instead of waiting for customers to sign up for such tools on their own. Many customers are unaware that such tools exist, and this will help to get these services to those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to benefit from them.

Please contact your mobile carrier if you’d like to find out more about these call-blocking services.

Pennsylvania Dairymen Rally at Capitol

Earlier this week, I attended a rally held by the Pennsylvania Dairymen's Association to highlight the importance of whole milk in our children's diets.
Currently, whole milk is not provided as an option with school meals, and children are missing out on key nutrients that are important to their physical growth. Providing whole milk as an option would not only benefit the health of our children, but would also provide much-needed assistance to Pennsylvania's struggling dairy industry.

I was proud to join my colleagues and the Pennsylvania Dairymen at this event, and hope to see whole milk reincorporated into our school menus soon.

PHEAA Funds PA-TIP Awards for Pennsylvania Students
The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Association (PHEAA) announced that its investment of nearly $33 million into the PA Targeted Industry Program (PA-TIP) has helped approximately 8,500 Pennsylvania students achieve an education in the high-demand fields of energy, advanced materials, diversified manufacturing, agriculture and food production.

PA-TIP was created by the Commonwealth in 2012 to help develop an educated and well-trained workforce. 2018-19 marks the 6th consecutive year that PHEAA has fully-funded the program for the Commonwealth without any taxpayer support.

PA-TIP recipients attend a variety of eligible schools throughout the Commonwealth, including business, trade and technical, career and technology centers, community colleges, and 2-year private schools.

Eligible courses of study must be more than 10 weeks in length, less than 2 academic years in length and be federal Title IV eligible. Additionally, courses of study must not be State Grant eligible. A list of eligible programs and participation requirements can be found at PHEAA.org/PA-TIP.

The governor has proposed a $6.3 million appropriation from the Commonwealth to support the program for 2019-20 to fund PA-TIP. This is a $300,000 increase over the funding provided for the program in 2018-19.

Budget Reform Bills Pass the House

This week, the House adopted several measures to bring more transparency and accountability to the budget process.

To help limit “supplemental” spending beyond what is approved in each year’s budget, House Bill 855 would require the secretary of the budget to project revenue shortfalls for the fiscal year starting in December and put that amount of money in budgetary reserve to ensure the budget is balanced at the end of the fiscal year. Additionally, House Bill 923 would require the governor to explain the reasons for any supplemental spending requests and offer recommendations for cost-savings or other reforms to address the cause.

Other reform measures would require the administration to provide additional details as part of the governor’s proposed budget (House Bill 922); require quarterly reports on funding committed and awarded through special funds that provide grants and subsidies (House Bill 921); and update budget procedures related to unspent appropriations and how those amounts are dealt with at the close of a fiscal year (House Bill 920).

The bills are part of our #GovtDoneRight initiative and now go to the Senate for consideration. To learn more, click here.

Fun for All Ages Awaits at PA Fairs

Summer has officially arrived, and that means it’s also Pennsylvania fair season.

From June through September, communities across the Commonwealth will host more than 100 fairs featuring food, fun and entertainment as well as competitive exhibits highlighting animals, produce, crops, crafts, baking and more.

To make your fair planning easier, the Department of Agriculture is offering an interactive Fair Guide this year that will allow you to search for your favorite events through the “Find Fairs Near Me” tool or filters that narrow down fairs by county, month or date.

Click here to use the interactive tool.

Printed copies of the 2019 Pennsylvania Fair Guide are also available at my district offices, located at 106 Arch St. in Sunbury, and at 2 Filbert St. in Milton.             
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