May. 10, 2019

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Watsontown Trucking Company Opens New Facility
Steve Patton, CEO of Watsontown Trucking Company, opened his modern, 40,000 square foot maintenance facility on May 2, which was attended by many loyal suppliers, valued clients, and local lawmakers. The state-of -the-art building adds to the future vision for the company; in which the Milton complex will be a key warehousing and trucking hub along the I-80 corridor. Plans include two additional warehouses, improved efficiency, increased employment opportunities, and electric charging stations.

In the past 25 years, Mr. Patton has shepherded the growth of his company from 10 trucks and 25 trailers to over 360 trucks and 1100 trailers. Mr. Patton’s vision is to continue to expand and prosper within the trucking and warehousing industry using best practices, emerging technologies, and a fleet of well-maintained vehicles

Second Amendment Rally Held in Capitol
On Monday, May 6, the Second Amendment Rally was held in the Capitol Rotunda. Organizations and citizens from across Pennsylvania attended the rally to hear speakers and support the right to keep and bear arms.

Rep. Daryl Metcalfe speaking to supporters and media at the 14th annual Second Amendment Rally.

Local Senior Action Centers Receive State Grants
I am excited to announce that the Sunbury Senior Action Center and the Penns Creek Adult Resource Center have been awarded grants of $125,000 and $5,245, respectively, from the PA Department of Aging.
These funds, provided through the PA Lottery, will go toward ensuring that our senior citizens are given the highest quality care and attention possible, as well as helping them stay active and engaged through social and recreational activities.

PennDOT, Safety Partners Host Bike Safety Rodeo
On Wednesday, May 8, PennDOT, the Highway Safety Network, Safe Kids Greater Susquehanna Valley, the Danville Hammers and local police and emergency responders held a bike safety event on Bike to School Day at Danville Middle School as part of National Bicycle Safety month.

The bike rodeo featured bicycle safety presentations, inspections and helmet fittings. Children were then invited to test their skills on a bike course.
Bicycle safety is extremely important for our families to be aware of as the summer gets underway and kids start riding their bikes again. While those driving cars have a responsibility to be aware of bike riders and share the road, riders should also always use caution on roads with any sort of traffic.

Pennsylvania Celebrates Mental Health Awareness Day
Teresa Miller, secretary of the Department of Human Services, celebrated Mental Health Awareness Day in the Capitol Rotunda on Monday, May 6. People were invited to make connections, find resources and learn about mental health issues in Pennsylvania.

Mental health, while a very prominent and significant issue, can often go undetected. Those suffering often feel uncomfortable speaking up, and those around them often don’t notice the signs. If you know anyone who is suffering from mental illness, or think they may be exhibiting signs, don’t be afraid to check in on them. Simply showing them that you care enough to ask can make all the difference.

Happy Retirement to Danny W. Ramer
Danny W. Ramer, general manager of the Sunbury Municipal Authority, has retired this past week. Danny, throughout his 38-year career, has demonstrated remarkable knowledge, ability and integrity in carrying out his many responsibilities as comptroller and acting CEO of Suncom Industries Inc. and as general manager of the Sunbury Municipal Authority. Danny led the execution and completion of several improvement projects to the infrastructure of Sunbury, bettering the lives of its residents.

Congratulations, Danny, on your retirement!

With Danny Ramer, and his wife, Jane, at his retirement celebration.

Holy Matrimony!
Our Sunbury District Office Manager, Jeff, and his beautiful wife, Sarah, were married this past Saturday. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Our District Office Manager, Jeff, with his wife, Sarah.

Hosterman Photography Opens New Studio
Last Friday, May 3, I had the opportunity to join Brett Hosterman, owner of Hosterman Photography and Design, at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for his new studio in Montandon.

Hosterman provides a wide variety of services, from headshots to wedding pictures to anything in between.

Congratulations, Brett! I look forward to your continued growth and success.

With Brett Hosterman at the opening of his new studio in Montandon. Also pictured are Ann Hillard, REMAX Bridges; David Bittner, Brett’s husband; and Tea Jay Aikey, Central PA Chamber President & CEO.

Emmanuel Home Community Garden Groundbreaking
On Saturday, May 4, I had the opportunity to speak at the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Homegrown Community Garden at Emmanuel Home Personal Care in Northumberland.

This project will help to promote the physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual health among the residents and the broader community. Emmanuel Home also hopes to see this garden bring together older and younger citizens within the community by creating a shared activity for them to participate in together.

Thank you to Emmanuel Home for inviting me to this ceremony. I am excited to see the success and positive effects of this garden in the future!
At the groundbreaking ceremony for the Emmanuel Home Homegrown Community Garden. Also pictured are Kim and Bob Delbo of Emmanuel Home; Sam Schiccatano, Northumberland County Commissioner; Adrienne Yordy, community garden project liaison and Malachi Snyder, community volunteer.

Keeping Tobacco Away from Kids
On Tuesday, May 7, I met with members of the American Lung Association (ALA) during their Advocacy Day at the Capitol. The ALA supports the funding of tobacco control programs as well as legislation that would protect our children by increasing the legal age of tobacco products.

Thank you for your dedication to protecting our children!

With Anne Marie Dzwonchyk, Chelsey Hildebrand and Sherri Strayer of the ALA.

Government Done Right Requires Efficiency, Transparency, Fiscal Responsibility
As part of our “Government Done Right” initiative, the House passed additional bills this week to increase transparency, save taxpayers money and improve the efficiency of government.

Increasing the transparency of campaigns and political action committees (PACs) is the push behind House Bill 633, which forces all campaigns and PACs to use the Department of State’s online filing system to electronically file campaign finance reports. Removing the option to file paper copies will greatly improve government transparency and accountability while at the same time reducing expenses for the state, and it can be done at no additional cost to taxpayers.

We also passed House Bill 880, which would extend and accelerate the reduction of the debt ceiling for the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program. Lowering our debt reduces the financial burden of current and future taxpayers.

Finally, to ensure businesses get effective and efficient treatment when navigating the Commonwealth’s legal system, the House voted to create Commerce Courts. Under House Bill 332, these courts would have judges dedicated to hearing and deciding complex business-related cases, including acquisitions, mergers, dissolutions and liquidations, among other items.

The bills now go to the Senate for its consideration.

For more information on this initiative, please visit

Expanding Education Opportunities
More students and their families would have access to additional educational options under legislation approved by the House this week to expand the successful Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program.
House Bill 800 would increase funding for the program by $100 million to $210 million, providing tens of thousands of additional Pennsylvania families the ability to choose a school that best fits their students’ needs.

In order to ensure that the scholarship program can continue to grow to meet demand, the legislation would also establish an automatic escalator, increasing the EITC scholarship cap by 10% whenever 90% of the tax credits are claimed in the prior year.

To allow more middle-class families access to this program, the bill would increase the maximum annual household income by $10,000 (to $95,000, before add-ons per child), while guaranteeing that once a student has received a scholarship, he or she will remain eligible through high school graduation regardless of changes to family income.

The EITC program provides tax credits to businesses that make contributions to approved scholarship organizations offering scholarships to children in kindergarten through grade 12, educational improvement organizations providing funding for innovative educational programs in public schools, and pre-kindergarten scholarship organizations offering scholarships to children enrolled in pre-kindergarten programs.

The bill now moves to the Senate for its consideration.

Improving CPR Education to Save Lives
This week the House passed Senate Bill 115 aimed at teaching students cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to help them save lives.

The bill would require the Pennsylvania Department of Education to work with the Department of Health and other stakeholders to develop curriculum that could be used by schools across the state. The aim is to help reduce the more than 350,000 cardiac arrests that occur outside of a hospital each year by preparing students to save lives through CPR and the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED).

The bill now heads back to the Senate for its concurrence.

Celebrating Our Small Businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of the Commonwealth’s economy, employing over 2.5 million people. In fact, 99.6% of employers in the state are small businesses.

House Republicans have been working hard to help Pennsylvania’s small businesses thrive and grow by cutting the red tape that creates barriers to growth and cleaning up our outdated laws.

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